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Short Update

What a crazy month and half! We've been doing a lot of house updates, now that we are officially house owners.

Some of the projects we've completed includes:

Removing CarpetPaddingTack strips (what the carpet was nailed to)Cement nailsBaseboards that were ruined by termites (house has been treated for a couple years, it's old damage. Also, they would literally fall off the wall when the carpet was removed. How crazy is that?!)Installing UnderlaymentWood floorsT-moldsBaseboardsPaintingCeilings in every roomLiving roomDining roomHallwayKid's roomsMaster bedroom And, in top of all of that, M refurbished the dining room table, and used some of the extra flooring wood to make some end tables. He's not complete with those yet, so that will be shown in the future.
So far, if you're wondering, would we do it again, buy a smoker's house and fix it up?
Yes, we definitely would! It was actually cheaper for us to buy this (bigger) house and fix it up than it would have …

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