Cocobolo Knife

Some woods are a pleasure to observe. They can inspire a variety of feelings and thoughts, just as seeing fantastic natural wonders like mountain tops or canyons do. Nature is, after all, the original source of beauty and has mastered lines, angles, and artistic complexities far more advanced than what we could possibly understand.

With that being said, does every wood type inspire a sense of beauty, respect of nature, and inspiration?

Pine, for example? ...No, not really.
Oak? ...It can, with the right stains and finishes. 
Mahogany? ...That's beautiful wood, but not always inspirational to me.
Cocobolo? ...Unequivocally yes! 

M and I went to a wood store to check out their selection, and I ended up talking M into buying a piece of cocobolo we had no plans to use. We bought it simply because of the beauty of the piece. It had different colors throughout the entire piece, and it's knots also radiated beauty in colors and lines. I told M that I wanted to frame it and use it as a decorative piece on our wall.

M didn't think I was serious and ended up cutting it up. !!!
As devastating as that was, he made me a knife out of part of it.

Side 1: Different colors and depth

Side 2: M thought the knots looked like creepy eyes staring at him as he worked on it, so he hid one of them with the clip in an act of defiance. I didn't see it before he said that, but I don't blame him for it.

M bought a make-your-own-handle knife set to which he glued the pieces onto.

After he cut out the shape with a coping saw and shaped it with a rasp, M used shellac as the finish and wants to add a french polish in the near future.

**PLEASE NOTE: Cocobolo causes irritation if inhaled!

My only condition for experimental improvement:  M may not use is a dye or paint that will take away from or hide the beauty of the natural cocobolo wood.

Do you have a particular type of wood that makes you feel like nature is the best artist?

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  1. "M" here , wood that comes alive with the right finish typically has features like burls, ribbons, birds eye, or curls. Shellac showcases the depth of these features and the wood takes on a 3 dimensional appearance beneath the surface. Shellac exposes the artist within nature.

    1. Thank you for pointing that out! Hopefully we can get more of this information in our first "finish and stains" recipe coming up. :)


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