DIY Geo Board for Kids - TBC

Happy belated Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday. :)

My daughter, son, and I made a special lunch to celebrate M, then spent the afternoon with the in-laws. Overall, it was a successful day for us!

Since we've been out and about this weekend, here's a smaller (DIY) post about a project we are working on for one of our nieces. She's about to become a big sis next month, and we are very excited for the whole family with the addition of another wonderful little one!

I'm going to do the short version now, and more details will be available below the pictures.

Step 1: Choose and cut your board/wood. Ours is 7" x 9", approximately.
Step 2: Sand the edges.
Step 3: Dye your board if desired.
Step 4: Place markers on the board for where you'd like to have your dowels.
Step 5: Pilot those markers, about 3/4 of the way through. Be careful not to go all of the way through.
Step 6: Glue in your dowels.
Step 7: Accessorize with rubber bands.

And you're done! Congratulations on another project made!

Feel free to draw on your board or decorate it with glitters!


First and foremost, the board you choose will be completely up to you. M went to Home Depot with our littles, and found some super cheap wood in their 70% off bin. This included some 5-ply plywood. It's about 7"x 9" if I had to guess. Perfect for what we need!

M hand-sawed the edges off, then smoothed the edges. He applied two coats of red dye to the top and one coat on the bottom, and handed it over to me.

I measured 1" on the short side and about a 1/2" on the long side to form a rectangle. Then I used graph (or engineering) paper to mark about an inch, both horizontally and vertically. My pencil was sharp enough that it left a dent when I marked the wood. Then I removed the paper and put an 'x' on each of the indents left from before.

M took the board back and piloted out the markers. I suggested we use golf ball tee's as our posts, given that the nails look like a potential hazard if anyone stepped on it or fell onto it. M suggested a thin dowel instead. We found a thin dowel stick in our wood supply, and.....

That's how far we made it tonight. I hope to update this post tomorrow. So stay tuned!

Disclaimer: Always wood work with the most outstanding safety practices when attempting projects. We are not responsible for any mishaps that may happen along the way. Also, we are not endorsed nor paid by any mentioned companies in this blog. Our recommendation is what we prefer and like to use, we are not compensated in any way, shape, or form from mentioning our preferred products.


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