Dying and Finishing Progress

We are in the finishing stages of our coffee table, it's looking great so far!

Since we are not complete, today we'll be showing some pictures of the progress. Hopefully we can finish tonight, then share our dye and finish formula, amount of coats, and a before and after tomorrow.

So, let's see where we are at!

M started dying the table on Tuesday. Here he is applying the first coat of dye.
M mixes his dyes in a jar. We use smaller ones for smaller projects and bigger ones for bigger projects.

 And this is what the pine coffee table looks like after the first coat of home made dye in natural light. :)
Red is such an elegant color for wood! However, the shellac will make it more brown.

After the dye dried, M put on some dark shellac. I am absolutely thrilled about how it's looking so far!! I love how it brings out the natural movement of the wood. Tonight I'm going to try getting a gif of it so you can see how the wood changes color and depth depending on where the light hits.
Dark tables make it easier for me to add style in a room. Adding a white bowl or vase will really pop!

M dyed the top of the table twice, and covered the legs only once. That way, it's a little more dramatic and adds character. He's going to continue adding layers of shellac until we get a color and depth we both love.
Given the fact this was taken at almost 9pm last night, I'm impressed we had any natural light at all!

What do you think so far?  Thoughts on the 'shimmering' side effect from exposing the depth?

Thanks for checking this out, and have a great day!



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