Geo Board Attempt 1 - TBC

It's been an eventful week for us so far. Today takes the cake though.

My son fell from a toddler-sized chair and landed perfectly on his face.

We made it to our door and I put him down to unlock the door. Well, our lock sometimes gets stuck so I was trying to jiggle the key the right way, and turned around to see him in the chair as it slowly started falling over. He bit off some skin from his top lip, which is very swollen still, and ripped his upper-lip frenulum. The front of his nose and above the upper lipped is red and scratched up too.

My daughter and I took him to the emergency clinic (since our pediatrician's office was closed for vacation...) since there was so. much. blood. I guess that's normal with frenulum tears! Good news, though, his frenulum tear did not require stitches nor glue, and his teeth were not harmed in the event!

Regardless....Excuse me while I go burn that chair in a safely defined area, away from all small children.

Anyways. M and I have been working on some learning opportunities with the geo board.

We assumed for the dowels to be about an inch long, but forgot to take into account that it was going 3/4's of the way into the 5-ply plywood. So we were left with about a half inch of dowel to maneuver rubber bands with. Needless to say, it does not have room for more than two rubber bands per dowel.

Then, M put on the finish after gluing in the dowels. This type of finish needs to be sanded down otherwise it keeps this tacky feel, which is definitely not what we want. It's a bit inconvenient to sand when the dowels are already in. We were thinking it would look really cool to have finished dowels, but that's not going to happen with round 2.

Good thing we stocked up on about 20 lb's of wood from the 70% off pile. It ended up being less than $8 for all of that wood, which we're well on our way through it. Woohoo!

Our minds are caught up in the details of day to day functioning so we're missing important steps in our projects. But it's good to learn, even relearn and have opportunities to reinforce that learning.

The flash helped expose the tacky finish
It may take us just as long to make our ideal geo board as it did to make our coffee table! But with documented failures, at least we'll remember for down the road if we decide to make more.

Thanks for checking this out, and have a great day!



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