Sneak Peeks for June 12, 2017

First and foremost, M has been experimenting with red dye mixed with shellac. More details to come later! Note, this is PINE that he experimented with. PINE!!

Red dye and shellac on Pine wood
The wood softly glows in natural lighting, as different layers of depth appear with movement. It's amazing to see this much life brought into what originally looked like dull and lifeless wood.

I married an artist, what can I say?!

Second and excitingly, our table progress. I'm working on a post that describes pocket holes, but it's taking me some time. Hence, this sneak peek post!

Simple yet effective
M has been rounding the corners out, and talking about filling in the holes.

Third and finally, we're still working on putting together a finishing page. We tried some dark cocobolo wood, and it stayed very dark. It has a lot of character, so M wants to redo it to see if we can pull the lighter tones through better. But here's a picture of the ingredients, although he used a lighter shellac than what's being shown here.

What you need for an excellent dark finish
Is there anything you're excited about seeing? Would you like to see a specific color of dyed and/or finished wood?

Thanks for reading this, and have a great day!



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