M (the hubs) and I have decided to keep an official blog to track our experiments and progress with woodworking. This includes our designs, prototypes, builds, and finished products. 

Today I'll start with a project M and I did a couple summers ago. My Mother-In-Law (affectionately referred to MIL from here on out and etc.) had a bench that was falling apart by their pool, and wanted to buy a new one. Instead, M offered to remodel it for her.

So M and my Father-In-Law (FIL) went to Lowes, and purchased 8 boards of cedar wood. Since we live in the south, as do my in-laws, cedar was chosen since it is a good wood for lasting under heated conditions.

 After taking apart the old bench, we stained the cedar wood and repainted the metal sides and backing. MIL wanted this beautiful silvery-brown color, which was a huge step up from the rusty green it was before!

Working on the Cedar Bench, yes I was pregnant.

We needed to head back to our place to get our daughter to bed, otherwise we would have taken a picture of it finished in the natural light. Anyways, here's the finished product!

Finished product in the moonlight (and garage light)

Unprofessionally, we did not measure out the boards. Instead, we lined up the old pieces and marked it on the new boards and cut accordingly. For our future projects, we plan on being more professional about the sizes and dimensions of our finished products. Stay tuned!

What's your favorite wood type for making into benches? Do you prefer pure wood benches, or the metal/wood mix?

Thanks for checking this out, and have a great day!



  1. "M" speaking, "MK" (wifey) got our woodworking started by giving me the gift of a set of hand carving tools and her patience. If you give a mouse a cookie... you can bet your cookie we didn't stop getting tools at hand carving tools. PS MK we need a post explaining this further.

    1. Haha for sure! Maybe with a post featuring some of your carvings? :-D


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