Update with Pictures of Experiments

Hello everyone, our apologies for not posting much lately! We have been house searching, and will be moving into a house at the end of August. Since we are a bit wrapped up in moving, we will blog when the opportunity presents itself, but it may be rather inconsistent until things settle down.

The house we are in the process of buying currently belongs to a smoker, so we need to repaint the entire place, and change out all of the carpets and deep clean the grout of the tiles. It's going to be a very busy few weeks for us while trying to achieve a smoke-free home. They are setting up an ozone machine in it before they hand the keys over, so hopefully that will help too.

M, nevertheless, is having a blast checking out wood flooring options. Most home improvement places offer free samples, including real hardwood flooring pieces  , so we've been getting those for getting an idea of what works with our paint layout and lighting. M is hoping to recycle/upcycle the samples into something fun. Wish us luck!

On another note, we have a nice, long line-up of wood building projects that include staining and finishing for making our house into a home! This is our current list of items we are either going to look for at garage sales to fix up, or build ourselves. Whichever we decide, we will feature them on our blog.

  • Mattress frames (king and queen sized)
  • Night stands
  • Side tables
  • Entry 'storage' center
  • Sand box
  • Natural play ground in backyard (European friends, any tips are appreciated!)
  • Raised garden beds
  • Stools for bar in kitchen
  • Standing work station
  • Book shelves
  • Dining room table refurbishment
  • Step stool for the bathroom
  • Toy for the Arizona foster care system fundraiser
  • Gifts for those who help us move
  • To be continued....
Impressed with our list yet? So are we. Thankfully, M has a friend who has expressed interest in woodworking with him, so if he still willing, we will be able to make more progress than what we have been lately.

In the meantime, here are some fun pictures of the shellac and red dye combo's M has been experimenting with. He recently obtained some new hand tools, and has also been experimenting with them.

Remember this mini table model? Now it's a lovely red that shines beautifully!

This is a light dye combo

Medium-light dye combo

Medium-dark dye combo

Dark dye combo

Which combo is your favorite?

Fun curls from a new set of chisels!

Thanks for checking this out, and have a great day!



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