Wood Samples = End Table

Hello Everyone!

It's been a busy week for us. We have been looking at more paint and flooring samples. One of my favorites for flooring is the acacia, I love the character and color of it! Since our (soon to be) house has a lot of oak cabinets in it, M and I are looking for colors that are different than oak so it doesn't get washed out. Down below, the acacia is the second row from the top, a light version then a red version.

One of the houses we looked at had oak everything - oak counters, oak cabinets, oak floating island, and an oak colored flooring. It washed out like crazy, M and I stared at it for about a half a minute just to process what we were seeing!

But M is using the floor samples to make an end table. He started experimenting with glues and whatnot, so it's looking cool so far!

Glue is set! There's some cleaning that needs to be done still, but we'll get there

Apologies on the picture quality. I lost my phone and needed to revert back to an older phone we still had on hand, and it doesn't take as nice of pictures. I will be playing more with it in the future to see if we can get better pictures for this blog.

More experimentation the way! The bottom wood is what we're hoping to do our hallways with.

On another note, since we are buying a house that was lightly smoked in, we have been doing some massive research on how to make a smoke-free house. Guess what we found that is highly recommended by paint professionals for encasing the smoke in the walls - a shellac-based primer! If you choose to go that route, be sure to get the kind that is not synthetic (will note difference on the description tab, not the title or overview description).  According to reviews, the synthetic kind seeps smoke odor after 6 months.

I ordered the wrong stuff from Lowe's, and they've been terrible about the cancellation. So, I ordered the right stuff at Home Depot and am hoping we have no issues this round.

Wish us luck!

Which wood is your favorite to do your home in?

Thanks for checking this out and have a great day!



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