Homemade Wood Polish

And now, for one of M's favorite wood polish...actual examples to come! :)
M's Favorite Wood Polish:
  • 1 glass jar
  • 2/3 Unit Boiled Linseed Oil
  • 1/3 Unit Carnauba Flakes
1. Place carnauba flakes in jar and then microwave until liquid
2. Pour boiled linseed oil into liquid carnauba
3. Microwave again to ensure the mixture is all liquid
4. Stir with Popsicle stick and then allow to cool

The product is now complete and ready for use. This is not only a polish, it can be used to finish. We love the way this product finishes/polishes wood. 

Boiled linseed oil has been used as a standalone wood finish for hundreds of years. It seems to wick into the fiber of the wood and as a result adds great depth to the appearance of the grain. The intent of the addition of the carnauba wax was to make for a harder more durable finish. I've read that carnauba wax has a greater hardness than concrete. 

1. Place Carnauba flake in jar

1. Heat in microwave until carnauba flakes are liquid

2. Pour boiled linseed oil into liquid carnauba (note this will solidify some of the carnauba)

3. Microwave again until mixture is all liquid

Before polishing (kids really test out our wood finishes)

After application of polish

Good luck with your wood projects and finishes! We would love to see any projects you used our finishes and dye recipes for. Maybe we'll offer a prize down the road for those who show us their projects and homemade finishes/stains!

Thanks and have a great day!

M & MC


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