Amish 4-Post Glider Chair

Hello folks! We are absolutely thrilled to announce M's next project!

Yesterday M was running errands, and glanced to one of the waste reciprocals the apartment provides. In it sat a wooden glider chair. M decided to check out the situation, and low and behold, our beautiful next project:

An Amish-made, 4-post glider chair! Why anyone would throw away a pure oak chair is beyond both M's and my comprehension. Surely the defect or issue could and can be fixed.

After analysis of the chair, M found this mishap:

The glider section of the chair slid out from the base of the chair, and causes a rickety and unsafe feeling glide. If M isn't mistaken, it's glue simply quit holding. A chair worth a grand thrown away from glue? That's can't be right. So, assuming the worst, M threw away the cloth center of the chair in case there's bed bugs or lice stuck in it. It left this large opening in the center of the chair, rendering the chair useless to sit in. Fortunately we have an easy solution on hand.

A while ago, we were in Home Depot and picked up a few beautiful oak wood pieces to make some shelving with, but never got around to it due to busy family life and looking for a house to call home. Hence, we have oak pieces that fit into the middle of the chair. Whether or not the grain will line up is another story; however, I'm hoping to call the Amish store (business partners?) and see if we can buy upholstery for it separately so it still has a soft seating and comfortable back support. Not that this glider isn't incredibly amazing as is, it's just customary here in America for wooden chairs to have soft padding to provide extra comfort. Maybe we won't get any, I don't know, but it would be interesting to see how much it would cost and a fantastic way to support the Amish with their beautiful craft.

Since we are closing on our house this week, it might be a week or two before we get to any more of our projects. Packing and cleaning is going well but we still have a lot to do. We picked out some flooring we are hoping to purchase once the sale finalizes, and we've finally agreed on most of our paint colors and options. We are going to try to make it to a paint store this afternoon to get paint cards to view in the house to decide which specific shade to go with, considering the light in a house provides a different shade than in the store. Anyways, we'll take pictures to show our progress once we close.

Did I mention the house has oak cabinetry throughout? Very excited about that!

Has anyone else found some amazing furniture or items by dumpster diving? If so, what was it and what do you use it for?

Thanks for checking out our blog and have a great day!



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