Short Update

What a crazy month and half! We've been doing a lot of house updates, now that we are officially house owners.

Some of the projects we've completed includes:

  • Removing 
    • Carpet
    • Padding
    • Tack strips (what the carpet was nailed to)
    • Cement nails
    • Baseboards that were ruined by termites (house has been treated for a couple years, it's old damage. Also, they would literally fall off the wall when the carpet was removed. How crazy is that?!)
  • Installing 
    • Underlayment
    • Wood floors
    • T-molds
    • Baseboards
  • Painting
    • Ceilings in every room
    • Living room
    • Dining room
    • Hallway
    • Kid's rooms
    • Master bedroom
And, in top of all of that, M refurbished the dining room table, and used some of the extra flooring wood to make some end tables. He's not complete with those yet, so that will be shown in the future.

So far, if you're wondering, would we do it again, buy a smoker's house and fix it up?

Yes, we definitely would! It was actually cheaper for us to buy this (bigger) house and fix it up than it would have been to buy a starter home that was like new. We get a bigger yard for the kid's to run around in, our neighbors are established and retired members in our community, and since it's more developed, we can go for walks and enjoy fully matured trees and plants.

We have, of course, many people to thank for helping us come as far as we have. To our family and friend's who have come to help, a huge thank you for your help and support!

And now, some pictures!

Dining room floor upon completion. The T-mold between this room and the living room can be seen, but M has gone through and dyed and finished all of them to match the floors.

Here's the master bedroom, with a friend helping out. We are now complete with the flooring completely installed and some baseboards are in. Once we get the mattress frame made, we will upload some pictures

Living room before completion. We went with gray walls for a more neutral color.

With some furniture moved in, and some boxes to finish cleaning out. We plan to get some curtains, area rug, and love seat in there, as well as some end tables and wall decor.
As new home owners, we are very excited to grow into our new home and continue to make it ours! What projects have you taken on with moving into your home, and if you could do it again, what would you do differently?

Thanks for checking this out and have a great day!

M & MC


  1. Can't wait to visit again to see how everything turned out!


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